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We take on another VoIP migration with awesome results!

May 16, 2017

Think Concepts has always challenged the industry to show customers what good VoIP is all about: better, faster service for a great price, with no fine print or shady tactics.

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Battle of the Telecommunications! Hosted or On-Premise?

May 09, 2017

We've all seen the big old PABX unit that sits down under the reception desk, or in that funny smelling cupboard out the back. It's a mess of cables and has faded to a funny yellow colour, no one wants to touch it for fear of wrecking the phones for three days. This box is typically to allow many

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7 Things About VoIP Your Boss Wants To Know

April 11, 2017

We’re VoIP specialists, and we often get questions from decision makers wanting to know more about the potential benefits VoIP can offer their business. We’re here to alleviate your concerns and answer your common questions.

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